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cgs = Holy Angels Gift Shop, all proceeds go to Confraternity of Penitents
dove = Holy Innocence Prayerline, Pegeen's ( Prayer Request Line * Digest List
hs = Holy Souls, Purgatory Project, Online registry for Perpetual Masses for both the living and deceased
johnofgod = John Of God, John Beak ( shares on Catholic Feasts and Saints
odl = Oratory of Divine Love a weekly Scripture Study designed for small group sharing. ODL website with Madeline Nugent
pmc = Penance Means Conversion, Public List of the Confraternity of Penitents with Madeline Nugent moderator
sar = Dr. Stephen A Rinehart, meditations, narratives from the saints, faith & science, stocks, economics
sbcprayer = St Bernard's Prayer Line, Gerry R. Grabowski shares prayer intentions from the Parish

What else can you do here ?
You can check out the Purgatory Project to register your souls (living or dead) at no cost for perpetual masses.

You can also visit a recommended site run by my friend, Madeline Nugent, at Confraternity of Penitents